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Understanding Your Goals

The professionals at StateStreet Staffing are not just interested in finding you a job but more importantly, are interested in your success. You may define success as the ability to advance your career and obtain new skills and responsibility or you may define success in terms of quality of life and peace of mind. However you define success, we will do our best to find you the opportunities that meet or exceed your goals.

Leveraging our Relationships

StateStreet Staffing has built its business on a solid foundation of relationships. Our best and brightest candidates appreciate the professionalism with which we operate and understand that we put our candidates first. Many of our former candidates that we’ve helped in the past now turn to us when they need our assistance with hiring. This gives you an advantage when working with StateStreet Staffing because we often have exclusive opportunities available that are not advertised or available to the general public or other firms.

If you're successful, we're successful because today’s candidate is tomorrow's client. As your career progresses, you will have the opportunity to increase your responsibility and reap the rewards that come with it. StateStreet Staffing’s goal is to help you along the way by presenting you with solid career growth opportunities. When you become a hiring manager, our hope is that you will turn to StateStreet Staffing to help support you with highly competent and motivated professionals like yourself.

Confidential Searches

We maintain strict confidentiality with candidates we work with. Searching for your next role should be as stress free as possible and when you work with StateStreet Staffing, you can rest assured that you will only be presented to companies and specific contacts that you’re aware of and approve of.


We Put Our Reputation on the Line with Every Placement

Leveraging StateStreet Staffing’s knowledge and experience to help fill your Accounting and Finance roles will give you peace of mind. If you could count on every background you see to accurately depict someone’s motivation and ability to get the job done, you wouldn’t need our help. The professionals at StateStreet Staffing have the experience to cut through the paper and find the people that will fit in to your organization and add value to your team.

Permanent Hires

The best candidates generally have the best options available to them and are in high demand. The best and brightest professionals are interested in advancing their careers with the leading companies and trust the professionals at StateStreet Staffing not only because we are their peers but because they know our main concern is to find them the best opportunity.

We develop relationships with both candidates and clients we work with so that when you need our help, we’re there to represent your goals and interests. With our professionals working for you, you can make the right hire the first time, efficiently and cost effectively.

Temporary and Consulting

Whether it’s a short term project like a system implementation or upgrade, assistance with integrating an acquisition, restatement work or backfilling a position during a medical leave, our Temporary and Consulting resources can help keep your project moving and help make sure deadlines are met and on budget.

StateStreet Staffing can help get you over a hurdle with the right talent. The “right talent” means that you have people with the appropriate skill level necessary to get the job done without overpaying for skill sets you don’t need. Many temporary and consulting staff are offered permanent positions with our clients because after a period of working closely together, the true value of the individual is realized and the longer term goals of both the candidate and client are aligned.

To be effective over the long term, your staff need to be challenged, have room to grow and advance their career while still making sure that they have the skills today to complete the task at hand. Over-hiring for a position to accomplish a short term project goal might actually end up costing you more in the long run. Bringing in a resource that you can count on to get the job done and hiring a person that can learn and grow over the long haul after your project is in “maintenance mode” may be the best course of action depending on the nature of the project.

Confidential Searches

When it’s critical to maintain stability in your organization while successfully managing change, keeping a search confidential is sometimes necessary. StateStreet Staffing understands the need to minimize disruption and will work with the appropriate parties in strict confidence and will often hold first and second round interviews in our offices or will work with the candidates to schedule interviews for off-business hours.

Our Process

StateStreet Staffing realizes that every company operates differently and has individual goals and processes in place to make things work smoothly in their organization. Whether it’s point of contact (line managers, Human Resource professionals or in-house talent recruiters), cost structure or terms and conditions, StateStreet Staffing works with you to make sure your staffing experience runs as smoothly as possible and doesn’t tax your budget. As finance professionals ourselves, we understand the impact of hiring on your budget and want to make sure we’re on the right side of the cost/benefit curve.

Our Account Executives are empowered to do whatever it takes to put the client first and our management stands behind them and honors their commitments because no one knows the client’s needs better than our Account Executives.

About us

Accounting and Finance Staffing Permanent, Temporary and Consulting

We are finance professionals first. Our Recruiters and Account Executives have extensive experience as seasoned finance professionals and that translates into quality recruiting and placements for you.

As former, practicing Certified Public Accountants, Finance Directors, Controllers and ERP systems professionals, we understand business needs and most importantly, how critical it is to the success of your business to have the right staff in place. To be able to identify that talent and deliver the resources is why professionals work with us.

StateStreet Staffing will work with you to help you identify your short and long term goals and leveraging our experience, will help you find the best way to realize them.


StateStreet Staffing was founded on the principle that "Our best Candidates will become our best Clients".


Our reputation is only as good as the candidates we represent. Our candidates work with us because they can count on our experience to help move their career in the right direction. We understand their goals and concerns and help them find not only their next role but the next step in their career.


We are first and foremost, Accounting and Finance professionals. All of our Account Executives hold professional certifications and/or advanced degrees and have significant experience in the field ranging from audit work at Big 4 accounting firms to director level positions with major corporations and have been involved or directly responsible for financial reporting, system conversions, tax compliance, internal audit, strategic planning, etc. Our clients appreciate that we understand their business, their needs and their concerns.


Leveraging our experience will save you time and more importantly, will help you to evaluate and measure the options available to you to make sure you're making the right decision for the long run and our clients appreciate that we deliver the right resources that will fit into their culture and environment and help make them successful.

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