Next Steps

What's Your Status?

  • Happy with your current role but you'd like to know what's out there
  • Not sure if your compensation is fair market value
  • Thinking about making a change but not sure about timing
  • Ready to transition but unsure how to best proceed

Need to update your resume?

Your resume is a key tool for garnering interest in your background and critical for getting an interview.

Knowing what to put in your resume and more importantly, what to leave out, can seem like an overwhelming task.

Don't struggle with it or put it off any longer. We've been writing effective resumes for Accounting and Finance professionals for over ten years and we can create one for you or tune up what you already have. 

Email us for resume help: 

What we need from you

The best way to begin is with a brief email to set up a phone call. We can discuss your current situation as well as your key motivators.

Email us in confidence: 

This will help us understand the best way to find out what you need to move toward your goals and how we can best help.

Our role

We will share our knowledge of the market in general as well as the details about various firms that we work with in confidence.

Taking into account your short and long term goals, we may make recommendations about various avenues that you may want to consider.

After you've had time to do some research and provide us with feedback, we will connect with Partners, Directors, Managers, etc. to discuss your background and potential candidacy in strict confidence to see if there's any mutual interest in starting a discussion.

Feedback loop

The unique, trusted nature of our relationships allows us to get constructive feedback from our clients that we can share with you and we also take the feedback that you provide to fine tune our approach to arranging further or additional discussions. 

Offer stage

Getting an offer for a promising new career direction with a new firm can be exciting and welcome but it can also be stressful. Big decisions that affect your family are not to be taken lightly but working with us throughout the process will help you get to a place where you're confident with whatever decision you make. 

With our experience supporting you, expectations can be set so that there are no surprises and you're comfortable with whatever you know to expect and the offer is generally a welcomed formality.